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Our House Is A Zoo!!!!!
August 27, 2008, 6:06 pm
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I’m serious. Our house has turned into a zoo! It’s really getting out of control. We now have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 bird, 12 fish, 1 ferret, 2 bunnies, and 1 turtle. Is that too much? Yes! Especially when the kids aren’t helping me feed and take care of them anymore. I really think my home is turning into Noah’s Ark or something!

Here are some neat reads I found about each of our pets. I think I would rather just read about them than take care of all of these. lol

Dogs– Both of our dogs are boxers. The Boxer has a powerful, stocky body with compact muscles and square-shaped proportions. They have round, brawny necks that are well-muscled and do not possess any dewlap. Their front limbs are straight and parallel and their tails are carried high. The tails of this breed are usually docked, and the heads of this breed are proportioned to the size of the dog’s body. Their lower jaw curves upward and extends beneath their upper jaw, and neither teeth nor tongue are visible when the mouth is closed. Their large noses are dark in color and feature a pair of wide, open nostrils. The Boxer’s glossy, close-fitting, short-haired coat exists in a number of colors including fawn, brindle, red, and white. White markings may be present. puppy dog food

Cats– Our cats are of an unknown breed. Many people either are confused or simply can’t accept the fact that most cats do not fit within a “breed.” Mixed breed and “domestic cats” constitute the greater percentage of catdom. From your description, I’d say your kitty is a “red tabby DLH,” which is not a breed but a color pattern description. (DLH stands for “domestic longhair.”) She could be a mixed breed too. We try to feed them raw cat food, but it can be tough. Cat food out the bag is so much easier.

Fish– We have a lot of different type of fish. We have a big saltwater tank. Along with monitoring ammonia and nitrites, you should keep a careful eye on the pH (you should always watch the pH, not just during the cycling process). The pH will tend to fall over time and needs to raised. The easiest way to raise the pH is through additions of sodium bicarbonate (i.e., baking soda). Mix a tablespoon or so of baking soda in a cup of dechlorinated water and slowly add it to the tank. Slowly means over the course of an hour or two. Baking soda will cause a short term drop in the pH, but will bring the pH to 8.2 over time. Keeping up with your fish aquarium supply can be tough, but the key is to be persistent.

Bird– We have a crazy old parakeet. The budgie is often refered to as a ‘parakeet’. The normal budgie has a bright green plumage on the chest. The wings are a mix of green with black. The heads of the budgie has black lines covering a yellow head. There are several variations to this basic budgerigar, including yellow, blue (cobalt), violet, and albino. Some budgies have been bred down in size but with a greater number of color mixes. They are generally “aviary bred” in groups, and are referred to as American Budgies. Others have been selectively chosen and bred up, with a more pronounced forehead and larger overall size. These birds are referred to as English Budgies. Both American and English budgies are the same birds, but bred differently for different purposes.

Ferret– Our silly ferret is hilarious, but he stinks so bad. Good grooming practices will also help with odor problems. Weekly to monthly bathings (not more frequently than once a week) will help decrease the ferret’s body odor and will benefit the skin and coat. Be sure to use a mild ferret specific shampoo and crème rinse so as to not strip the essential oils and dry out the skin. They usually have a fresh smelling residual scent to help with the odor. There are several spray conditioners that also have a pleasant scent for use in between bathings. Even regular brushing will help control odor by removing the loose and dead hair and will also help prevent hairballs.

I’ll add some info about the other animals later. I’m tired. lol


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